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We are a Proud Member of the IBBA, The Alliance (AMAA), and the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce.

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Since 1999, we’ve helped Business Brokers and Intermediaries grow their practice.

 The Vinehurst Corporation is a proud member of the IBBA, The Alliance (AMAA), and the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce. Our firm is confident and certain we can handle your specific brokering needs. Vinehurst is more than an exclusive M&A firm and consulting group, more importantly, we help Business Brokers and Intermediaries succeed.

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Since 1999, we have been providing comprehensive M&A Advisory Services and Referrals for business brokers and intermediaries.  We also provide business consulting services such as planning, marketing and exit strategy consulting.



The quality of our referrals and leads is second to none. We are regarded as the most exclusive M&A Listing referral service in the world.  Our firm carefully qualifies each referral opportunity for you. We believe in quality, not quantity.



Our reputation as a company, as an M&A Advisor and referral provider is paramount. Vinehurst is affiliated with IBBA, The Alliance, and the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce. We take our craft seriously and pride ourselves on getting deals done.



Vinehurst can offer you maximum inventory exposure. From our website to our updated database, let us network and put deals together that will close, not sit stale. Over the years we have established a tremendous track record of sales.

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Our Reputation

  • With Vinehurst’s experience in the Tech Industry, it didn’t take long for them to locate a buyer who acquired my Web Hosting business for a great price. Since Chris mentioned seller financing, I’m actually receiving monthly payments from the buyer for the next 7 years with a hefty upfront payment, thanks guys!

    Wendy Glansted
    Wendy Glansted Web Hosting CEO and Best Selling Author
  • What can I say? Chris sold my business in less then 2 months for top dollar. Amazing job Chris, thanks buddy and congrats on the new gig at Vinehurst!

    Rob Leindel
    Rob Leindel Clothing Designer and Speaker
  • Vinehurst helped me prepare all the necessary documents I needed to provide qualified buyers. From the Asset Purchase List to Non Compete Clause, Vinehurst cut through the clutter and provided a simple way to get my business sold. Thank you!

    Eileen Brooks
    Eileen Brooks Fashionista
  • Being a small business owner, I appreciated the fact that Vinehurst is a boutique, a small brokerage firm that doesn’t deal with the red tape that comes from bigger brokerage houses. This flexibility allowed me to work with Vinehurst and receive prompt replies to my questions. They were always accessible by phone and email and made me feel that I was a valued client. Thank you so much.

    Rod Tisdale
    Rod Tisdale SAAS CEO
  • Ive known Chris for over 10 years, heard about him from other business owners and various speaking events many years ago. After meeting him in LA years ago, we hit it off as friends and recently I hired him to sell my social media company. I couldn’t be more happy with the results! If you want an honest, ethical team of M&A advisors who truly care about you and your company, go with Vinehurst.

    Eric Jeddle
    Eric Jeddle Social Media CEO
  • I don’t know if its a Minnesota nice thing, but Chris and his staff were a delight to work with and so polite on the phone. He tells you like it is, with a tone that is respectful. He advised me on NOT selling my business, but yet, build it up over a couple years and come back to him. Well, I took his advice and now we have multiple offers on my company, thanks Chris and the Vinehurst team!

    Jenny Brooks
    Jenny Brooks e-Commerce Mogul
  • Chris and his team did an incredible job in selling my business. I highly recommend their services and will be referring them business in the years to come.

    John Davidson
    John Davidson Website Business Owner
  • When I contacted Vinehurst I knew by viewing their website that they mainly work with mid-sized companies. However, being a very small business of less then $50k a year in profits, I wanted to pick their brain on how I could grow my business. Chris answered the phone and talked with me for an hour, giving me great advice that I have put to good use. Thank you Chris for taking the time to help me, I will be coming to you when I’m ready to sell in a few years!

    Samantha Heines
    Samantha Heines Small Business Owner
  • I want to personally thanks Chris and the Vinehurst team for selling my software business. I got the asking price I wanted and now looking forward to my retirement. Thank you Vinehurst.

    Jon Watson
    Jon Watson Entrepreneur
  • Selling my Tech firm was going to be tough. I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, a friend of mine knew of Vinehurst and recommended I call them. After speaking with Chris, he gave me some real world advice on pricing and marketing options. Two months later, Vinehurst found a buyer and I made more money then I thought I would! Thanks Chris!

    Lou Mocca
    Lou Mocca Tech CEO
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The Vinehurst Corporation has access to thousands of fellow business brokers and intermediaries that can help you get your next deal closed. Our reach also includes investors and private equity groups based all over the world. Let Vinehurst locate that specific professional that can close the deal, and close it fast with you.

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